Sunday Sewing!

Sunday Makes!

Over the summer I have been busy teaching myself new designs.

This YouTube video by (Mightymannie DIY ✂ Floral Kimono Jacket (Easy)
mightymannie) helped me to start designing and selling my own kimonos!

Have a look and have a go!

I bought this beautiful pink lace the other day and can’t wait to turn it into a kimono! Teamed with a cute autumn outfit it may be the only way to keep the cheer up given this horrid dreary weather that looks set to stay since Hurricane Betha payed us a visit!

Happy sewing!

P.S Meet Gladys!!

J xoxo



Welcome! I have a Dream…….

I have somehow found myself doing this blog thingie without really knowing what I am doing! This is about right for me though, as this whole sewing venture pretty much started that way….so why break the habit of a lifetime!!

 I used to love keeping a diary when I was growing up, how wonderful to indulge in that again via social media!

So, let me begin……..I have a dream! Ha! Isn’t that how it starts? I really do though, I have a passion for sewing that is absolutely bursting out of me and this blog may be the only way to save me!! 

I started sewing 1yr ago, when The Great British Sewing Bee first aired in May 2013. I fancied watching it so I did. Well, let me tell you, it was my ‘Eureka Moment’ a ‘Aha moment even! Something stirred within and has been stirring ever since.

My mums old sewing machine called to me from the depths of my loft (it had been sitting up there since she sadly passed away in 2008) I decided to have a go, I had never sewn before….how hard could it be! Sadly my mums machine had HAD it! So, i went to John Lewis and bought the JL Mini – in pink of course. My mum had however left behind a wide range of threads, needles, tape measure and bobbins which i still use all the time. It feels good to be creating and learning with her things, i think she would be very happy about that..

So, to date I have taught myself to make cushion covers, bunting, chef hats, aprons, simple skirts, shorts, pants, headbands, scarfs, Kimono’s and bags. I have become part of an amazing group of creative lovelies via Instagram, Pinterest, Bloglovin and Facebook. I have entered into a creative world that I am to be honest becoming consumed by! and I LOVE IT!

By day I am still working the 9-5 as a community mental health nurse, a noble job yes, but the bureaucracy within the organisation I work for is really starting to make the job less enjoyable and most days I have forgotten why I wanted to do it!

Sew….pardon the pun! Sewing has become my everything! I am hugely passionate about sharing my makes and encouraging people to have a go, I am living proof that you can teach yourself and learning along the way is so much fun. This is was why I decided to create JennyPennyThings, which you can find on Facebook and Instagram. Just a few ‘things’ at the moment that I am selling.

The dream being that one day I can make more of a career out of my sewing and do it more permanently….a long shot maybe and road ahead, but my goodness, I am enjoying the walk down that road, I hope you do too 🙂

J xoxo